DyFix Fabric Care Solution 300g


  • Kadam DyFix is a fabric care solution that prevents color bleeding from all types of fabrics.

  • Just submerge your newly bought fabrics or freshly tie-dyed, dyed, or re-dyed fabrics in Dyfix solution for 10 minutes.

  • Prevents discoloration.

  • Enhances your fabric life and brightens up the colors.

  • Bind the bleeding colors on your fabrics.

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Instructions for Use:

  • Pour 2 caps (20mL) of DyFix  dye fixative solution in a container of 5-6 Liters of room temperature water.

  • Stir the solution and submerge your dyed, tie-dyed, or new fabric in the solution.

  • Stir your fabric in the solution occasionally and remove it after 10 minutes.

  • Wash off excess color from your dyed, tie-dyed, or new fabric with room temperature water.

  • Your fabric is “dyfixed” and ready to wear after drying!


  • Applicable on all types of fabrics expect polyester blends.

  • Use immediately after hot dyeing, tie-dyeing, or dip-dyeing to prevent the dye from bleeding into white areas.

  • Submerge up to 2 single-colored fabrics or 1 multicolor fabric in the DyFix solution for best results.

  • Use pH neutral soaps and detergents for washing your fabric to prevent color bleeding.


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