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Customize Your Fabrics, Old Clothes, and Faded Clothes Yourself at Home

Method for Dyeing:

  1. Soak the cloth before dyeing.
  2. Heat the water up to 70-80 ℃
  3. Add 1-2 cups of salt for cotton or linen
  4. Add 1-2 cups of vinegar for nylon, silk, wool
  5. Add Kadam Pakka Rang sachet  
  6. Stir well for homogenous dyebath mixture
  7. Add & stir the cloth in the dyebath for 30 min at 70-80 ℃
  8. Wash the dyed cloth in normal water to remove excess color
  9. Hand the dyed cloth until dry

31 distinctive shades of Kadam Pakka Rang can also be used for coloring:

  • Indoor Wall Putty
  • Indoor Wooden Furniture
  • Indoor Tile Grout
  • Pottery Articles
  • Canvas Shoes

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